DHC history

Who we are

DHC Corporation is Japan’s No. 1 direct skincare company. We are a leading direct-to-consumer provider of beauty products, including skincare, body care, make-up and more.

DHC’s skincare line was founded after the company’s owner, Mr. Yoshiaki Yoshida, discovered an exceptional grade of olive oil in Spain. He recognized the benefits of olive oil for our skin and created the DHC beauty enterprise in 1980 with just three core products. The company has since evolved into a dynamic beauty collection comprised of hundreds of products.

Since the vision behind DHC is rooted in the beneficial properties of virgin olive oil, many of our products are formulated with olive oil because it continues to be among the best natural ingredients for helping you achieve and maintain radiant, skin. Plant extracts, especially Asian botanicals, are used extensively in DHC formulations for their nourishing properties and are balanced by cutting-edge scientific research to create only the best, most effective and safest products. If a product doesn’t offer something different – and, in our opinion, better – then we won’t offer it to you.

DHC products